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Training & Coaching

In Coudelaria Henrique Abecasis we also provide dressage clinics.

We aim at providing further knowledge and experience, improve the riding and expand the overall (horse and rider’s) comfort zone.

The main note is to stay open for communication and enhance the passion for the good grounds of riding and development of the horse physically and mentally up to the most demanding and technical exercises of dressage.


Head trainer - Tiago Abecasis

I have been coaching and advising on riding many riders from many nationalities and with different experiences. In my teaching I have used my own horses able to perform up the highest demanding exercises and helped many riders with their own horses.

Some remarks on the clinics:


Bertrand Reboul (France)

"I had a very great time for this week, horses and people were very nice. I learned a lot of interestign things on horse trainning."

Michael Jones (UK) ​

"Just to say thank you for your hospitality and all the great kindnesses you showed to me during my very brief stay at your wonderful establishment. All part of a grand adventure in Portugal."

Sirpa Hanninen (Finland)

"Thank you for this wonderfull week, it went very fast... Hope to comeback some day!"

Simon Klopper (Austria)

"You kept your promise: I got a very happy wife back from Portugal! Both Hanneke and Relinde had a splendid weekend with you and Hanneke is very impressed with the development Vertigem has gone through, keep up the good work for the coming months, please!"

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