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Our goal at the Henrique Abecasis Stud is to breed and train Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL) horses with good rideability and suitable for all our clients that love horses.
Our base is a group of mares selected along several years from the oldest and most traditional PSL lineages (Veiga and Andrade) that conserve the beautiful type, the elevated movements and, most importantly, the temperament of the Lusitanos.
Besides P.S.L we also cross every year some of our mares with warmbloods. We believe that the warmblood is a very athletic horse that can benefit from the generosity, ability for collection and elevated gaits characteristic of the Puro Sangue Lusitano.
Besides our own stallion Janota do Pilar, every year we purchase semen from Lusitano, German and Dutch stallions, always looking for the ones that have already proven themselves in sport or exciting youngsters that we like.

Each and every one of our foals are special to us and we are very proud of our herd.


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