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Besides breeding, we ride and train our horses as well, which allows us to know them better and gives us more information for the selection of our mares taking in account their rideability and temperament. Also we aim offer to our clients a calm, supple, loose and flexible horse, happy and easy to ride.
Dressage competition is not our final goal, but just a mean to test our horses and check if they are going in the right direction according to the scale of training.
Since we have started we have established collaborations with experienced dressage riders and trainers, always trying to get the best knowledge possible and the best training to our horses.
In 2012, with the support of the Portuguese  Equestrian Federation and the Lusitano breeders association (APSL), with the Portuguese international dressage judge Frederico Pinteus, we have launched Lusitano International Dressage Team (LIDT), with the collaboration of the Portuguese Olympic dressage riders, which lasted for 4 years and set the foundations for the current dressage project lead by APSL.   


Horses in training
Divagante and Graça