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Our breeding philosophy is very simple and practical - 

We want that our horses become a little more accomplished day by day and that the younger generation of our family stays passionate and involved as we are all today.

Our production process begins when we evaluate the genetics of the horses we use for our breeding.

We ride all of our mares and how they present themselves under saddle is the most relevant information in the decision of breeding them.

Then, naturally, we consider morphology, gaits, and what we know about the genetics behind. The stallions we choose are typically horses we appreciate both for their functionality as excellent ridden horses and for their morphology, gaits and genetics.

Our offspring that has proved to show excellent performances has in general a strong genetic potential and is the product of mixing strong and stable bloodlines.

To name a few, we have horses going back to the bloodlines of Dragão das Figueiras, Rubi, Quixote, Jota da Hermida, Oceano da Broa, Nilo, Escorial and Urânio.

As a result of this we have had exceptional horses performing in working equitation, dressage and bullfighting for example in Portugal, Sweden, Germany, England, France, Holland ,USA…also in Trinidad where one of our horses holds the record for the best result in dressage. But also a lot amateur riders trust in our horses as a livelong member of their family.

To us, a superior horse is one that tries to understand his rider and is placing his trust wholeheartedly in the partnership they share.

Neptuno das Faias x Fábula de Tineo by Quixote (2).jpeg



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