Bequepê hits the top 
On May 23rd, 2021, Bequepê, from our breed, won the second position on Grand Prix Special of Copa Italia at Riviera Resort. We are very proud of his latest accomplishments. Congratulations to his rider and owner.

Eguas 2.jpeg

Foaling season
2021 presented us with 12 foals. These new members of the squad are healthy and growing well alongside their mothers. It was a year for males...only 3 fillies. They are all welcome and we have high hopes for them. 3 were sired by Escorial, five star recomended stallion, and the rest were sired by our also beatifull stallion Janota do Pilar. Soon we will be presenting our followers with individual and group pictures of the new comers. 



Biscoito makes history in Trinidad & Tobago
On Thursday, July 9th, 2020, Michelle Sabga Aboud and Biscoito from our breed made history. During the TTEA (Trinidad & Tobago Equestrian Association) Dressage League 2 competition, Michelle completed the Advanced Intermediate 1 dressage test with Biscoito. In addition, Michelle on Sunday July 12, 2020 rode the Prix St Georges and is the third Trinidadian to complete this test to date.