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Janota do Pilar


Janota do Pilar is a 6 y.o. stallion born at Quinta do Pilar and son of one of our most important mares Trincadeira. He is progressing very well and is now starting flying changes, which are very easy for him.
He has competed in small shows and presented himself always calm and easy in the arena. Like most of the Lusitanos, Janota shows real talent for more concentration work.
Janota has a great temperament and rideability.  He is a very easy horse to ride, always calm, round and supple.

M-Laurius do Pilar


M-Laurius is a crossed breed between one of our Lusitano mares and the Hanoverian stallion Desperando, son of one of the most relevant Grand Prix stallions Desperados. He is a very charming young horse. Although his youth, he is very easy to handle in the stable and very focused and relaxed at work, always eager to learn. All three gaits are regular and correct, being the highlight his uphill canter.

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Janota do Pilar