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Horses in training 

Janota do Pilar


Janota do Pilar is a 9 y.o. stallion born at Quinta do Pilar and son of one of our most important mares Trincadeira. 
He has competed in small shows and presented himself always calm and easy in the arena. Like most of the Lusitanos, Janota shows real talent for more concentration work.
Janota has a great temper
ament and rideability.  He is a very easy horse to ride, always calm, round and supple.

Noviço do Pilar


Noviço do Pilar is one of those horses that makes the rider looking good. This is a stallion that presents himself with a great attitude and elevated gaits, showing incredible dynamics. stamina and balance and an impressive cadence in his movements.

His mother won several morphologic and gaits contests and was notorious under saddle. His grand father on the sire bloodline, Oceano, was successful in grand prix in Portugal and in Brasil and an emblematic stallion for the breed both in Europe and in South America.

His first offsprings already born in 2023 show the same elegant traits as their sire.

Pardal do Pilar

Pardal do Pilar is certainly a horse for the higher levels. His energy, balance and willingness to perform make this marvelous horse a special promising talent. As a young horse he has always presented himself ready for the challenges and ready for the next step.

His sire, Dragao das Figueiras, is not only one of the best Grand Prix stallions ever in the breed, but is also the first Lusitano to be approved for warmblood breeding. 

His mother is a winner in several morphological and gaits competitions and was very positive and gracious tested under saddle. Her sire, Escorial, is also a successful dressage stallion, participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. and gathered countless compliments from the international dressage community on his refined performance and harmonious exhibition.

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