Horses in training 


Janota do Pilar


Janota do Pilar is a 6 y.o. stallion born at Quinta do Pilar and son of one of our most important mares Trincadeira. He is progressing very well and is now starting flying changes, which are very easy for him.
He has competed in small shows and presented himself always calm and easy in the arena. Like most of the Lusitanos, Janota shows real talent for more concentration work.
Janota has a great temperament and rideability.  He is a very easy horse to ride, always calm, round and supple.


Nordeste do Pilar


Nordeste do Pilar is a 4 y.o. Lusitano gelding, born at Quinta do Pilar. He is the result of the crossing of our mare Divertida do Pilar with the famous Lusitano Stallion Escorial, multi-times champion of the Lusitano breed and  presently competing internationally at Grand Prix level. Nordeste do Pilar is a very gentle young horse with nice movements and natural cadence.  


M-Laurenado do Pilar


M-Laureando is a 5 y.o. LusoWarmblood, born at Quinta do Pilar. He is a son our mare Biruta and the stallion Desperando, a son of the famous dressage stallion Desperados. M-Laureando is clearly marked by his thoroughbred type sire and Veiga lineage of his dam. The result of this crossing is a very elegant and supple horse with nice natural cadence and lot of potential for sport.


Frei-Favaxo do Pilar


Frei Favaxo do Pilar is a 11 y.o. gelded Lusitano, born at Quinta do Pilar. With a very pure Veiga lineage – his sire is Vigoroso da Broa (MV) and his dam is Biruta (HA ), from  Impossível (BN) – he is a very elegant horse and, like some Veiga horses, he was a late bloomer, but the wait is always worth it.